You’re wrong. That isn’t a typo error. And that’s right, story. The Hundred Story House is a piece of interactive public art. It is a miniature Brooklyn brownstone whose windows open upon shelves of books (about 100 of them) which can be borrowed by the community. It is the brainchild of Julia Marchesi, a 32-year-old documentary film producer who thought of bringing the library outdoors when she saw a sculpture in Berlin made from a carved out tree trunk with books inside. Marchesi enlisted the help of Brooklyn-based public artist Leon Reid IV to design an “honor system lending library” in Cobble Hill Park, where she resides. Here’s more from their website: “The House is a tiny lending library open to all and operating on the honor system — take-a-book, leave-a-book. This is an effort to celebrate the BOOK as a physical object, and the pleasure of holding one in your hand. Or better yet, placing one in someone else’s.” The design mimics the brownstone row houses common in Brooklyn. The books are held inside the windows of the house, kept safe by a latching system. At about 6 ft tall, the sculpture is accessible to both adults and children in the neighborhood. Esther Zuckerman from the Village Voice writes that getting a Kindle was also an event that led Marchesi to the Hundred Story House idea: “I got a Kindle and it totally changed my life,” she said. “I was so into it, and I was buying books and reading the New York Times and everything. And then I just got a little sad that I wasn’t going to my book store as much and I didn’t have a need

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for books.” We think it’s a wonderful idea and puts a strong emphasis on the “power of place”, the connections in the community and the future of libraries.

Design: Leon Reid IV

They are currently raising funds on Kickstarter and aim to realize 100 Story House by Spring 2012. The campaign requires at least US$13,000 in pledged donations by March 2nd, with costs covering materials, fabrication, transportation, installation, maintenance, removal, documentation, insurance, and permit fees. Watch this video about Hundred Story House: