Greetings! This month’s Special Guest is a university student who studies design and has a keen passion for taking photos. His name is Oliver Staiano. We wanted to ask him many questions but since he is photographer, we thought it’s probably better to let his pictures do the talking…

Tusitala: Tell us something about yourself.
Oliver: A keen photographer studying design at a university. I love products and aspects of life from the70’s and 80’s which is why in some of these pictures there are magazines and books from previous decades being featured.

I’m also particularly interested in film photography as I think to be a photographer today, you must be understand the process and functioning behind the lens. Hopefully you will enjoy these pictures and if you want to see more you can check out my photostream.

T: What’s the story you wish to share when you took these photos?
O: I was getting across that everything has its own story behind it. Like the traditional bookshops for example tell us how not everything has to be modernised, which I like to focus upon. Some places I came across accidentally like the book sale featured below, taken in South Bank London. Always carry a camera with you, as this approach I find creates the best pictures.

Word of prayer

Wall to wall

The view

The Storymaker

The Booksale



'The Face'



And this is Oliver 🙂 Looking good!

The man himself, Oliver Staiano