Inspired by this post on Book Riot, we’re listing down a few things we are most grateful for:

Credit: Watercolor by KristinaMarina on Flickr.

walking into a bookstore on a Saturday afternoon

finding your next holiday destination while perusing a magazine

remembering a line from Fitzgerald’s “For what it’s worth…”

photography books that take you to war-torn areas and goodwill adventures

falling in love with fictional characters

realizing that a book is sometimes better than a relationship (when it gets too melodramatic, just close it and put it away)

meeting a fellow introverted bookworm

getting lost in the mountains or woods courtesy of Dante Alighieri

books that reveal the boundlessness of poetic imagination

remembering a marginal pop hit song

Occupy Libraries around the world

the discovery of humbling and sadly beautiful prose

neighborhood cafes filled with the restlessness and energy of college students

getting hooked on the opening lines of a book

the smell of old books (which sends most book lovers into a state of eye-rolling, tongue-lolling bliss)

Karl Lagerfield possibly creating a fragrance that smells of old books

a rainy afternoon, a cup of tea and curling up in bed with your favorite author

buying a novel in an airport bookstore

coming across poetry written in Spanish or French or Italian

discovering that the word leyendo means “reading” in Spanish (how pretty!)

laughter that is shared over a similar interest in literature

feelings so strongly aroused by the ephemeral

re-reading an old favorite

enhanced / amplified  e-books

writing on side margins and underlining beautiful descriptions

preppy, understated canvas book bags

watching a film adaptation of a classic and thinking, ‘the book was way better but the film stayed true to the book’

taking seasonal fruit very seriously

remembering the long days of summer by books and persimmon

thinking about what the world will be like in 100 years

the beauty of science fiction

a good beginning

a solid ending

Have a good Friday everyone, and a restful weekend too! And to our readers in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!