Indiana-based artist and photographer Terry Border conveys human emotion in inanimate objects in his new book, “Bent Object of My Affection: The Twists and Turns of Love”.

With a huge dose of talent, some wire, a few props and a dark sense of humor, Border produces punny and delightful wire art.

Here are some spooning spoons, misfortune cookies, and wrinkled raisins all delectably showing how vulnerable the human heart is when in love.

"I like it when we spoon - We fit so well together." (Credit: Terry Border)

"Undercover - I love your appeal." (Credit: Terry Border)

"We were made for each other." (Credit: Terry Border)

"Marilyn Meringue -- You're the wind beneath my wings, and the breeze beneath my skirt." (Credit: Terry Border)

"A Toast To Us!" (Credit: Terry Border)

"Shrunken and wrinkled - Let's grow old together." (Credit: Terry Border)

“Following the success of the wonderfully wacky and playful Bent Objects, this charming gift book from the offbeat mind of Terry Border features 60 new wire-based creations that seek to express the many wonders and reasons for love. Everyday objects like raisins, cupcakes, pears, and puzzle pieces take center stage as they’re bent into clever visual vignettes that provide a new perspective on that ever-elusive emotion. Each photograph is accompanied by a sweet caption that is sure to evoke that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but with the author’s signature ironic twist.

In the tradition of bestselling humorous photography books featuring artful creations with food such as Hello Cupcake! and Cake Wrecks, this book will surprise and delight with every spread. And with its affordable price point and gifty trim size, Bent Object of My Affection is the perfect present for loved ones on Valentine’s Day, for anniversaries, or “just because.”

Terry started this hobby in 2006. He twisted a coil of wire first, then added in objects.  He then asked simple and thoughtful questions which he attempted to answer through his miniature art. Questions such as:

How did they make Raisinettes?

What does an egg think when it meets a roasted chicken?”

Do you love chocolate? Or is it simply lust?

What happens when a candle is burned at both ends?

Is knitting too violent?

Where am I?

His first book, “Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Ordinary Things”, also packs various story lines in wire art photos.

Check out this video on Terry Border’s creative process.

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p.s. Answers to the questions posed above can be found in his blog,


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