Finally, a wonderful photo app for my iPhone with great illustrations! This is not your usual, cheesy starburst neo print effects app. Instead what you have is a great photo decoration app created and designed by accomplished international illustrators.

Mr. Chiizu combines the fun of Japanese photo booths (purikura) with original graphics created by popular artists and designers in a new iPhone app. With features like filter effects, stickers, text bubbles, brushes, borders and face recognition, Mr. Chiizu feels like five apps in one!

Mr. Chiizu introduces the concept of artist themes: collections of stickers, text bubbles, borders, templates and colors, each carefully created by a single artist. Four unique themes are included with the app.”

My favourite theme is by Linda Gavin who also happens to be the logo creator of Twitter. Check out her wonderful portfolio here along with other great illustrators like:
– Jessica Lopez (Nylon Magazine, Beautiful/Decay Magazine)
– Stella Lai (Giant Robot Biennial)
– Juka Araikawa (Japan/Los Angeles-based painter)
– Martinez & Trees (Emigre, Urban Outfitters)
– Michelle Romo/Crowded Teeth (Sanrio, Paper Wonderland)

Download Mr. Chiixzu here for only US$2.99!