Exciting news for children who are into geography, travel and foreign adventures.

Lonely Planet is now offering travel books for kids. Their “Not-for-Parents” series kicks off with four city-specific guides on New York, London, Rome and Paris, and a “Cool Stuff to Know about Every Country in the World” Travel Book.  These five preliminary titles will also be released as e-books and will be published simultaneously in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore.

There are however, mixed reactions from reviewers. Tania McCartney of Kids Books Review says that the books are more DK-style history and cultural lesson books, than travel guides. “…Disappointing but nevertheless educational and entertaining material for children”.

While Ingram Library says it’s written with a “perfect pitch for young readers”.

Kids can learn about what makes every country unique with colorful pages filled with quirky graphics, engaging illustrations and bold photographs of about the destinations.

How many rooms are there in the Buckingham Palace?

Where is the world’s largest mud church?

Which creature has the widest wingspan?

Like taking a dream trip around the world, the books will surely be fascinating for both the young and old. We know we can’t wait to get our copy!



Piers Pickard, publishing director for trade, reference and language says:

“Lonely Planet has always stood for curiosity about the world, empowerment, exploration, and open-mindedness, and these values are as relevant to children as they are to adults. Kids may not be travel decision-makers—maybe they’re not even traveling—but they are certainly hungry to learn more about the world they live in. We want to show them that world in a way that is relevant to their needs and interests. So Rome is as much about gelato, soccer, and gladiators as it is about the Sistine Chapel or St. Peter’s Square.”