Education is the greatest equalizer and opens doors of opportunity for all.  Most often though, students move from innovative pre-school environments to the conformity of elementary schools. We wish that there could be more learning environments (like the ones below) that encourage freedom of expression, creativity and individuality.

Here’s a selection of the most beautiful school buildings across the globe – a perfect environment for learners to be avid readers and prolific writers.


The Vilhelmsro Primary School in Asminderoed, Denmark, is a prime example of how a building can foster a deep connection with its surroundings.


Here’s one that looks like Halloween everyday (and could possible inspire Tim Burton-esque stories).


This shimmering silhouette in the shape of three overlapping houses is in fact a junior school for boys in a Melbourne suburb.


The Penleigh and Essendon Junior Boys School in Melbourne was designed by Australian architects McBride Charles Ryan. (Photos from


Leimondo Nursery School by Archivision Hirotani Studio. This nursery school for children, from years zero to five years, stands on the outskirts of Nagahama city in Shiga prefecture. The school has been planned as a single-storey structure with a feeling of transparency between each of the spaces as well as the exterior landscape.



Josephine Baker Schools - This group of schools outside Paris by French architects Dominique Coulon & Associés has walls, ceilings and details picked out in bright orange.


Above: Photograph by Olivier Nicollas



The Sandal Magna Community Primary School in Wakefield, England was constructed using timber and bricks, while the landscaping utilises reclaimed bricks from the demolished Victorian school that the building replaces.


The school is one of the most carbon efficient schools in the UK.



Rafael Arozarena High School is located near the historic town center of La Orotava, Spain and blends in perfectly with its surroundings, which include city buildings and farming terraces. Designed by AMP Arquitectos, the school’s concrete exterior has been softened with a degraded wash of different tones which create a smooth transition between the urban city and the rural farmland.


One of the most amazing green roofs in the world is at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.


And another eco-friendly one in Guatemala.


Bottle schools are schools built using soda bottles and other "waste" plastic. Hug It Forward, a nonprofit in Guatemala, has figured out how to build new schools on a shoestring budget by turning plastic bottles into raw construction materials.


Developed by Group Phi, this sustainable school has been constructed in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The school is the first military school for girls in India. It is also designed with a water recycling system.


Photo credits:,,  Niki Omahe, InHabitat