Things that matter have intrinsic value, right?

This week’s news include exorbitant amounts on writers’ memorabilia, a foodie’s foray into the publishing industry, and a movie with (what we think will have) a cool soundtrack.



  • Would you save Roald Dahl’s writing shed for £500,000?  Over the last few days, netizens have ranted about Sophie Dahl’s (model and Roald Dahl’s granddaughter) request to the public to save her grandfather’s writing hut, and have it moved to a museum. It’s a hot topic now in England as taxpayers are not willing to fork out the amount. After all, there’s money in the famiy, with book royalties, related merchandising and film rights from Dahl’s works. Dahl was the author of now-classic children’s books “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Willy Wonka and the Great Glass Elevator,” “James and the Giant Peach” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” He also wrote the screenplay adaptations for two books by Ian Fleming, the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” and the children’s movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”


  • Boots worn by JK Rowling during the writing of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will be available for online bidding in a timed auction beginning Friday, October 21 through Sunday, October 30 on Proxibid. The boots have been encased in a protective glass enclosure, made specifically for them, since December 1999.

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  • Amazon considers an ebook-renting business. The Wall Street Journal reports: “It is unclear whether any publishers have signed on. Publishing executives would rather have people buy their books, and they are concerned that participating in the program could create the impression among consumers that books have little inherent real value. ‘What it would do is downgrade the value of the book business,’ said one publishing executive.” What do you think?

Also, check out this infographic on The Rise of e-Readers


  • Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain gets his own line at HarperCollins’ new imprint called Ecco. We loved his 2000 hit, “Kitchen Confidential” so we actually think he got cred (he’s passionate about words and food) for this job. He also says, he’s doing it because “he can”.  Bourdain says: “We’re presently looking at an initial list composed of chefs, enthusiasts, fighters, musicians and dead essayists. And we’re looking to publish them in a way that’s both accessible and respectful of the power of the written word – and appropriately fetishistic about the tactile joys of the printed page.”


  • We Bought a Zoo‘s trailer is out. The movie is based on The Guardian writer, Benjamin Mee’s real-life experience of taking over the rundown Dartmoor Zoo with his wife, their two children, his brother, and his 76-year-old mother. Their extended family now included: Solomon, an African lion and scourge of the local golf course; Zak, the rickety Alpha wolf, a broadly benevolent dictator clinging to power; Ronnie, a Brazilian tapir, easily capable of killing a man, but hopelessly soppy; and Sovereign, a jaguar and would-be ninja, who has devised a long term escape plan and implemented it. Stars: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Elle Fanning. Did we mention Cameron Crowe directed the movie? Musical score from the enigmatic, Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. 🙂