The public’s collapsing attention span has given rise to a relatively new content format: the infographic.

It is essentially a graphic representation of complex data, like the rise of the mobile workforce, the interconnectedness of Silicon Valley companies, the deconstruction of a cupcake,  and even Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans.

For those who can’t sit still reading Michael Jackson’s autobiography and NYT bestseller, “Moonwalk”, this poster might work. And maybe watch his greatest hit video, too (unless you’re hiding under a rock and don’t know the King of Pop!).



These are life stories in a road sign. Pioneered by Milan-based advertising and graphic design studio H-57 and digital publishing company First Floor Under (dealing with vanguard pop productions),  “typodesign strips” simplify 700-page memoirs of famous personalities into one easily understood poster. Here’s more:




First Floor Under on Typodesign:

Not more than 3 or 4 steps to explain very complex facts regarding politics, economy, history or whatever we want. Every fact and every story, no matter how articulated  and complex it is, can be summed up in not more than a few points. It’s the power of Typodesign!


What do you think? We love this one on Bruce Lee!


Check out the histories of Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and Marie Antoinette too.


Illustrations from First Floor Under