Our friend Tarie, who is a Filipino blogger and children & young adult Asian literature expert recently wrote about “The Twins” Blanket” by Hyewon Yum.В  Its NY Times review says it”s a clever book on sibling rivalry and the struggles the family faces when jealousy causes friction.

We love the pretty artwork and the colors against the white background. So we moseyed around and found more interesting reads about her and her books.

Korean-born, Brooklyn-based Hyewon, received the Founders Award from the Society of Illustrators for “There Are No Scary Wolves” (in the 2010 category of “Original Art: Celebrating the Fine Art of Children’s Book Illustration”).

She uses linocuts, collage and drawings in her books.

Her books to date are:

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In Last Night, Hyewon Yum’s American debut which won the Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Illustration, a little girl is sent to her room without dinner, after looking rather displeased with the vegetables on her plate.


After waiting and waiting for his distracted mother to take him to get his favorite Chinese noodles, a little boy decides he’s big enough to walk his neighborhood alone.


“But we are big girls now. I’m already five. I’m five, too. We’re twin sisters, remember, silly? The blanket has gotten too small for both of us.”


In an interview on 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast, she says this about her creative process:

My process is not always the same. Sometimes an idea is there for years, and sometimes I make a quick dummy just in a week. Sometimes the first idea become a book; most times, it’s changed a whole lot. The most painful part is editing. It takes forever. That’s why I like to work under a deadline; without a deadline, I could never finish anything.


Listen to Hyewon Yum”s son read from her book!