I am fascinated by David Lanham’s works. His digital artworks are whimsical and vibrant, with stunning contrasts between nature and technology.

"Currently Occupied" by David Lanham

"Currently Occupied"

Do read his thoughts behind each illustration. Check out more of his creative works here.

"Bubble Bay" by David Lanham

"Bubble Bay"

He says: “The majority of the time I get inspiration just from doing some freehand doodling in my sketchbook; drawing shapes or forms and seeing what comes out of them. It’s kind of like seeing shapes in clouds or ceiling stucco.”

"In a Pickle" by David Lanham

"In a Pickle"

"Shakey Love"

"Shakey Love"

"Game Hunter" by David Lanham

"Game Hunter"

Oh and interestingly enough, he also creates toys! Check out Bill the Yeti and Gangsta Bill!