Il Castello di Galeazza.  Sounds dreamy already, doesn’t it? It’s a castle in a medieval town in Italy called Bologna, home to the oldest university in the world. And the birthplace of ragù alla bolognese.  It’s also where you can rent a room for yourself and do nothing but read. Delightful, isn’t it?

With a few distractions (though Italy is a massive one!), you can hole up and read chapters of prose without being undisturbed. Here, reading is the entire point of vacation.

So if you’ve ever looked at your stack of reading backlog and declared You Have No Time to Read, then maybe it’s time to escape with your books. Somewhere. Soon.

If you need a bibliotherapist to study your reading habits, ambitions and desires, you can also try a reading retreat in the UK. They offer you a reading prescription for complete rest and relaxation.

Or why not rent a cabin in Philadelphia? Head to an inn, sit next to a fireplace and curl up with a book for $125 to 300 a night.

Summer’s all about escaping the heat. Whether you have the big bucks or not, it won’t hurt to update your reading list. Here are some cool reads:

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