Everyone talks about how convenient it is to buy ebooks, but noone mentions that it cuts out the part where you actually go to the bookstore. And browse. And watch other people browsing. Find a corner of the floor to sit down with all the books you want, until you finally manage to whittle down this selection to the one book you can afford/originally intended to buy. I’m getting carried away but what I meant to say was…bookshops are such lovely, welcoming places, haven to all book-lovers. So despite the closing of Borders, I was happy to see this feature of Flavorwire that shows 10 unconventional bookstores around the world. Enjoy these pictures and tell us if you’ve been to any of them!

The Book Barge, a floating bookstore aboard a canal boat, usually located in Staffordshire, UK:

“La Villa del Libro”, a medieval villa on a hill in rural Castilla, Spain, which houses a book-history museum and many secondhand bookstores! Beautiful:

The Livraria da Vila in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which gets 2 photos since it looks like nothing I have ever seen:

And finally, a little closer to home, the Poplar Kids Bookshop in Beijing, China:

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