This is a picture of a library in Kansas! Cool, no?

Growing up, my idea of a really great weekend was going to the library on Saturday morning, staying there until lunchtime, and returning home with an armful of reading for the weekend and the week. Yes, I was a nerdy kid. And yes, this is still largely my idea of a great weekend.

So I was particularly interested to read about an American family who have recently completed a library pilgrimage! Hailing from Williamsville, New York, the Jafarjian family took a year to visit each of the 37 libraries in the

ir county. You can read more about each of their library excursions on the lovingly detailed blog, Operation Reading Road Trip. What I especially liked about this is how…well, fun it seems. Family roadtrips all year round, with the added excitement of a checklist of places, against a ticking clock? It sounds genuinely exciting, and a great way to both instill in kids a love for books as well as spending time with the family. (Staying cooped up in a car for long roadtrips can be, I can imagine, a source for some frustrating familytimes as well. But I shan't ruin this otherwise idyllic picture by dwelling on that!)

With libraries around the world facing budget cuts and threatened closures, it is wonderful to read encouraging stories like this which indicate that library culture is still a real and important thing to some people. 🙂