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We're approaching the end of the June school holidays, and parents amongst you might be wondering what activities are left to occupy your kids. They're bored of the usual movies, books and games–and you don't want them watching TV all day. Well, how about some outdoor activity that is reminiscent of a more old world childhood? Think less anime cartoons and Disney merchandise, more picnic mats, ice kachang and good old-fashioned complaining about the weather!

For instance, take kite flying! The website Travel for Kids lists kite flying as a favourite family activity in Singapore. Who would've thought?

This web site lists common areas in Singapore frequented by kite flyers.

Here's an excerpt from the book 'Kite Flying' by Grace Lin:

“Kite flying is a Singapore pastime, and an activity for the whole family. Ma-Ma, Ba-Ba and the children use sticks, glue, paper and paint to create a beautiful dragon kite. 'Look up! Our dragon is talking to the wind.'”

What could be better? What a relaxing family activity, and one that is actually fun from the get-go– from designing and building the kite, to eventually playing with it. It's a great thing for children to experience using their imagination to create toys from scrap, rather than playing with the sophisticated and expensive store-bought toys or video games. Kite flying sparks up the imagination, encourages kids to think and even imagine flying… travel. Not to mention, the positive side-effect of enjoying some quality family time outdoors…I want to do it myself!