Hullo, folks! Wendy and I are currently attending the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2011. The name isn’t an overstatement– it really is a festival of authors, illustrators, publishers, bloggers, and other super-multi-talented people coming together to discuss their passion for children’s literature. Yesterday was an amazing first day. One of the day’s highlights for me was a session on book reviewing by Liz Rosenberg, whose clarity, humour and lifelong love of children’s books made it a really inspiring session, and one that gave me lots of food for thought on how to conceive of writing and illustrating and creating great art for children. (Basically, it’s no different from creating great art for any demographic at all! Children’s books that endure are those that grow with a child.)

Another fascinating session was by one man powerhouse Christopher Cheng who talked us through how writers and illustrators can market themselves. His presentation covered a whole gamut of useful marketing options ranging from traditional press releases, publicists and networking to book trailers, blogging and even QR codes! Practicality aside, he was also an incredibly energetic speaker; but being the last session of the day I only fear that the audience was a little too tired to respond fully to his enthusiasm!

I have to rush off now to attend day 2 of the festival, so more updates tomorrow!

PS: Hope you’re all having a pretty great Thursday and Friday too! 🙂