Hullo, people of the internets! Apologies for the break in posting yesterday, it was because Wendy and I were out of the office attending an Important Workshop. What Important Workshop, you ask? (Well, if you weren’t asking I’m very sorry, you’ll just have to bear with me as I explain.)

Yesterday we attended a workshop on Digital Licensing and Distribution, organised by the  Singapore Book Council. The day-long seminar was conducted by Jamie McOuat, a publishing Rights Consultant (who, it is worth mentioning, was also once George Clooney’s agent). The session was such an education, and I think the biggest takeaway we derived was the mantra ‘negotiate, negotiate, negotiate’. It was great also to meet other local publishing folk! Reading international digital publishing blogs and newsletters, one is prone to forget that these things are happening anywhere outside the US and, occasionally, the UK.

Anyway, long story short it was a good day, only made better by the delicious eclairs that were served during coffee break. (Hence the picture of an eclair at the top of this post! Which, admittedly, is not the same eclair we ate yesterday.) Wishing you this and more delicious thoughts…regular posts will resume tomorrow. 🙂