Beautiful illustrations always help in capturing a child’s attention, and are pretty crucial to truly lovable children’s books. For instance, I can’t imagine reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory without Quentin Blake’s spindly sketches of Charlie and Grandpa Joe. Not to mention reading The Cat in the Hat without…well, the cat. In the hat. Like so!

Anyway, this is just a lengthy run-up to the fact that illustrators are awesome. Now last week Simone, author of The Toilet Monster, did an interview with Twistii, the illustrator behind our own lovable (we certainly think so!) children’s book. This interview was published on Simone’s delightful blog, I-Kid-You-Not. Here’s a little extract:

“You had to produce animations for this story. Can you tell us what that was like?

A: Working on The Toilet Monster book for Tusitala was a challenging experience, as this was my first animated book. Everything from the composition to colour schemes were carefully thought over and experimented to cater to the aesthetics of children. Overall the experience was awesome.”

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