Cindy, Dasmond Koh and Wendy at Tavolo

Yesterday afternoon, Wendy and Cindy headed down to Tavolo at Parco Millenia Walk for a lovely afternoon of conversation, finger food, and casual hobnobbing with celebrity. Oh yes, celebrity. Because the event was in fact organised by Dasmond Koh who–in addition to being the author of our most recent app-book– is a popular television actor and radio DJ. Dasmond made his name as a DJ on the Chinese radio station 93.3 FM, and also currently hosts the Sheng Siong show every Sunday evening on Channel 8.

The event was organised by Dasmond as a gesture of thanks to his fans who demonstrated their support by buying the print book within weeks of its release. Our in-house celebrity-spotters reported that the there were over 30 guests, a large proportion of whom were (unsurprisingly!) female. Dasmond was ever the charming host and gamely posed for photos, which of course we couldn’t wait to share with you.

Also present at the event were Chiara and Elsie from our sister company, Spudniks

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to all readers to check out our app of Dasmond Koh’s photobook, “On Foot in Spain”. Find the title under the ‘Our Books’ section of our website; available now for the iPhone as well as iPad. In addition, buying the app allows you to order the print book for a $3 discount on the retail price in stores. So…you know what to do! Download away, dear friends!

Dasmond thinks you should buy the app, too!