网球场上的恋情 – Tennis Court Love

网球场上的恋情 – Tennis Court Love

爱有很多种类 …

– 亲情、母爱、友情、恋情

标榜的是亲情, 是一个小女孩对祖母的反哺之心、孝顺和敬爱 …

标榜着伟大的母爱, 一种无条件的、超越时空的、永不变质的情操 …

顾名思义, 这故事讲述的是一段富有人情味、却又有悲酸的友谊 …

一个委婉的、可歌可泣的爱情故事 …

爱是多微妙、多绚丽的一种情操 !

世间如果没有爱 …
不必冬天也冰冷 …

Author: Tan Chor Hoong

Chor Hoong graduated from the National University of Singapore, first, in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Honours) and then later in 1987, with an MBA, majoring in Marketing. She was the Total Quality Culture (TQC) Manager of Texas Instruments Singapore - the first company to win the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) - when she left to set up TQM Consultancy, in 1990. It was at Texas Instruments Singapore that Chor Hoong received intensive and extensive training in Quality Management, both locally as well as overseas. It was here that she became actively involved in training engineers and managers in Total Quality methodologies. TQM Consultancy is a natural and logical extension of this career… In all, she brings with her 18 years of experience in Statistics, Manufacturing & Quality Management. Chor Hoong has also had substantial experience in Customer Relationship Management, travelling all over the world to work with customers being an integral part of her job, first as Q&R Engineering Manager and then as TQC Manager. Her U.S. training in the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria and therefore also in the Singapore Quality Award criteria, positions her well to assist companies in their quest for this most coveted and prestigious Award! Chor Hoong’s recent appointment by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to deliver the Total Quality Management Course in their Master of Engineering Science Program, is definitely an endorsement and recognition of her expertise in the discipline.

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